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Enterprise IT environments today are increasingly complex and evolving at an accelerated speed.

The push for technology infrastructures to be cloud-native and data-driven has fueled the adoption of DevOps practices, alongside modern tools such as containers, microservices, and serverless computing.

This fast-changing IT landscape has put pressure on cybersecurity managers to not only ensure critical systems are protected, but also are able to meet demands for high performance and speed.

It underscores the need for organizations to transform their cybersecurity approach to keep pace with technological shifts and business expectations. They also need the right tools to detect and combat potential attacks across a complex IT environment, which can comprise on-premises and multiple cloud platforms, edge devices, and data lakes.

To find out what cybersecurity transformation means for your business, join fellow CISOs for a lunch roundtable with FutureCIO and Imperva’s CEO Pam Murphy on July 13, 2022.

Discussion areas will include:

–       How should business leaders reassess their cybersecurity strategy to keep up with today’s IT environments and threat landscape?

–       What are CISOs biggest concerns in managing existing and new security risks from the adoption of cloud-native technologies?

–       How has the need to be data-driven and digital-first changed the way organizations view their cybersecurity approach?

–       What kind of data insights and visibility do CISOs need to better safeguard their corporate systems/devices?

–       How should business leaders go about selecting security tools to effectively detect and remediate security attacks in a fast-evolving IT environment?

Who Should Attend?

  • C-levels
  • Heads of IT
  • Heads of IT Security


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Time Topic
12:00 Registration & Networking
12:30 Opening by Moderator

Eileen Yu, Editorial Consultant, CXOCIETY
12:35 Welcome Remarks

Pam Murphy, CEO, IMPERVA
12:45 Self-Introductions by Participants and Moderated Discussion

Eileen Yu, Editorial Consultant, CXOCIETY

Pam Murphy, CEO, IMPERVA
13:50 Closing Remarks

Senior Executive, IMPERVA
13:55 Wrap Up

Eileen Yu, Editorial Consultant, CXOCIETY
14:00 End of Event


Allan Tan

Allan Tan


Allan Tan