Architecting a secure, resilient and scalable run-anywhere data strategy

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Converging technology, governance and best practices to achieve an agile, intelligent and resilient environment

The quest to support digital transformation is expected to accelerate even further as businesses and communities settle on a new normal – one that is predicated by learnings from succession of crises and therefore aspirations to be resilient, agile and responsive to changing market conditions.

The pandemic has made it possible for many organisations to take a cloud-first strategy and more recently beginning to rely on automation across the workflow – from customer engagement to fulfilment and everything in between.

Gartner’s VP analyst Thomas Bittman notes that as applications become more diverse and hybrid, strategic infrastructure standardization, modernization and automation efforts will be critical for successful digital transformation.

FutureCIO dialogues with senior technology, operations and security leaders lead us to conclude that businesses in Asia will settle on a hybrid infrastructure combining the best of on-premises and multi-cloud technologies.

What is needed is a data infrastructure that is intelligent, agile and resilient to changes in the environment. And given the constant threat from forces, internal and external, it needs to be secure regardless of its state and where it resides at any given moment.

Welcome to Architecting a secure, resilient and scalable run-anywhere data strategy, a virtual roundtable designed specifically to address the technical, operational and structural requirements organisations need for the borderless enterprise.

At this event, we will tackle real-world issues faced by CIOs, heads of infrastructure, and CISOs as they collaborate to deliver on the promise of a digital-native, infrastructure-agnostic business. Among the topics to be covered include:

  • Where and how to start with infrastructure automation.
  • What skills are needed to fully leverage intelligent tools.
  • Architecting a strategy that meets the complexity, performance, economics or regulatory constraints of the day.


Join us on 27th April for what will be an interesting discussion on how to design, build and operate a modern data infrastructure that is responsive, resilient and secure.

Who Should Attend?

  • CIOs
  • CTOs
  • Head of IT


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Time Topic
4:30 pm Registration & Networking
5:00 pm Welcome Remarks

Eileen Yu, Editorial Consultant, CXOCIETY
5:05 pm Panel Discussion: Turning Sustainable Aspirations into Actionable Realities

  • Common reasons for having a sustainability initiative
  • Common challenges/hurdles companies face in executing a sustainability plan
  • What works, what doesn’t
  • What a sustainability framework needs to have
  • Why the CFO is the best person to lead, and who should be part of the sustainability team?
  • Action items on sustainability journey

Eileen Yu, Editorial Consultant, CXOCIETY

William Foo, Group Chief Financial Officer, LUXASIA
Tan Kian Woo, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE
Susanna Hasenoehrl, Senior Vice President and Head of Sustainability, Asia Pacific & Japan, SAP
5:45 pm Ask the Experts

  • Building trust and transparency with sustainability reporting
  • How SAP’s CFO uses sustainability reports day in, day out
  • Driving and transforming corporate sustainability with technology

Amit Verma, Regional Head - Office of CFO Solutions, Asia Pacific & Japan, SAP
Ayelet Rotblat, Chief Financial Officer, South East Asia, SAP
6:05 pm Networking, Discussion & Cocktail Reception
7:00 pm End of Event


Amit Verma

Regional Head of CFO Advisory


Ayelet Rotblat

Chief Financial Officer, South East Asia


Eileen Yu

Editorial Consultant

Susanna Hasenoehrl

Senior Vice President and Head of Sustainability, Asia Pacific & Japan


Tan Kian Woo

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer


William Foo

Group Chief Financial Officer