Partnering for Business 2023

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With so much of the traditional work of finance functions now easily automated, professionals are faced with a new challenge: how to adapt and create value or risk languishing and become a resource drain. How can finance departments maintain (or regain) their glory in a world of cloud, automation and run-anywhere apps.

The International Federation of Accounts noted that finance professionals are now more deeply involved in navigating organisations through opportunities and threats to value creation arising from various areas including climate action and environmental, social and governance factors, supply chain, changing consumer preferences, and digitalization and decentralized finance.

Certainly, in Singapore, there is an untapped potential for finance professionals to drive business value creation and be the strategic partners they are expected to be. The key is mindset.

Business Partnering should be seen as a change journey. It represents a multi-year effort that requires continuous enablement.

As business partners, CFOs and Heads of Finance are far less concerned than their predecessors with technical accounting, data wrangling and report generation. Instead, to succeed in this new paradigm, we need to shift our focus towards:

  • Synthesising information
  • Thinking strategically
  • Generating insight
  • Enabling better real-world outcomes


If finance is insular, then business partnering is by definition outward looking. It requires us to step back and take a broader look at our organization and its trajectory – and then, crucially, it enables us to not only forecast that trajectory but influence it as well.

At this exclusive Executive Roundtable themed Working Title “Partnering for Business 2023”, we will dive into the strategies and tactics organisations such as yourselves may want to consider to successfully navigate the continuing uncertainties of 2023, while steering the business towards growth and resilience. Topics to be covered include:

  • How to leverage technology to support success in business partnering
  • Enabling factors to become a business partner
  • Potential risks when implementing business partnering and finance transformation

Join us on 4th Aug 2023 in Singapore.

Who Should Attend?

  • CFOs
  • Senior Finance Executives


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Time Topic
11:30 am Registration
12:05 pm Welcome & Housekeeping

Stefan Hammond, Editorial Consultant, CXOCIETY
12:15 pm Opening Remarks

Senior representative, JEDOX
12:35 pm Roundtable Discussion: Business Partnering and Finance Transformation

1:45 pm Closing Remarks

Senior representative, JEDOX
2:00 pm End of Event


Amit Verma

Regional Head of CFO Advisory


Ayelet Rotblat

Chief Financial Officer, South East Asia


Eileen Yu

Editorial Consultant

Susanna Hasenoehrl

Senior Vice President and Head of Sustainability, Asia Pacific & Japan


Tan Kian Woo

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer


William Foo

Group Chief Financial Officer