Aida Aziza Bt. M. Jamaludin

Head of Financial Accounting, Group Financial Control

Aida, an accomplished Chartered Accountant with over 26 years of diverse accounting and finance experience, currently leads as the Head of Financial Accounting, Group Financial Control (GFC) at PETRONAS. With oversight of financial accounting for over 100 entities within the PETRONAS Group, she spearheads the implementation of Financial Reporting Standards and supports finance systems implementation. Aida played a pivotal role in establishing PETRONAS’ Finance Centre of Excellence, elevating GFC through streamlined work processes based on industry frameworks and fostering capability building through integrated role-based learning. In her previous role, she was also heavily involved in business transformation efforts and long term growth strategy, particularly in formation of new business ventures.

Aida’s directorship for several PETRONAS entities and her previous position as Chief Financial Officer for PETRONAS Gas Berhad attest to her drive, accountability, and commitment to delivering high-quality results. She prioritizes cultivating a positive working environment by nurturing capabilities within the organisation for sustainable development in the finance fraternity and the organisation as a whole.