Bosky Subramanian

Regional Head of Banking as a Service, APAC

22 years’ experience
Senior Advisor to Mckinsey &Co., has worked with BCG, Startups, Big 4s and SAP.

  • Bosky brings rich consulting, banking and entrepreneurship experience
  • He has been on the forefront of several digital banking strategy and financial service digital transformation for prominent players in the APAC region.
  • He has led several ideas to commercialization at large companies and at startups, leading growth hacks from 10x to 40x.
  • He has rich experience in Fintech space and an Expert in Customer Centricity topic in Financial service.
  • Receiver of several awards as a co-founder of the ‘Best start up in Asia’ in the CX space, most disruptive technology award and Best CX technology to name a few with half a dozen patents.
  • He holds an MBA, CFA and a Research Scholar from SMU.
  • In his spare time, he enjoys swimming and charity work for needy children education that he co-runs with his family and friends. Rotary Club has Honored him in 2020 with a Vocational Service Excellence award for his service during Covid.