KeshMahinder Singh



KeshMahinder Singh is the Founder and CEO of Kollect Systems.

Kesh has been involved in the field of Advanced Software, Help Desk, Call Center, Diagnostic & Machine Learning Systems and Artificial Intelligence since 1987. Since 1996, Kesh has been actively involved in the areas of advanced software for Revenue & Collections, Debt Recovery, Accounts Receivable and Credit & Risk Management Technologies.

Kesh actively participates and leads projects where his expertise in the areas of Knowledge Based technologies, Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management and Workflow enabled applications can assist organizations achieve quantum growth and profitability.

Kesh has previously worked in the Silicon Valley USA, IBM, Fujitsu-ICL, and IT Partners in Malaysia, before starting up Kollect Systems. Currently Kesh overlooks the strategic direction and international expansion of Kollect Systems. His professional interests are in leveraging Intelligent Software technologies in the areas of Customer Behavior Profiling, Analytics, Intelligent Rules based systems and Predictive Systems where these technologies are applied in the applications developed by Kollect Systems.

The main solutions provided by Kesh’s team are software applications for Revenue & Arrears Collections, Debt Recovery, 3rd party agency management and Legal / Law firms management areas.

Kesh is also an accomplished percussionist in Tabla, being one of the very few Malaysians who had studied under the Legendary Maestro Ustad Zakir Hussain, in UC Berkeley, USA.