Sreedhar Gade

Vice President, Engineering

Sreedhar is the Vice President of Engineering at Freshworks, with an impressive career spanning nearly two decades in leading technology, financial, and internet organizations, including Yahoo! Inc and Microsoft. A recognized industry leader, entrepreneur, speaker, and author, Sreedhar is known for his insights on emerging trends and leadership. He actively shares his expertise through blogs, social channels, and presentations at numerous conferences and seminars, focusing on career guidance and leadership.

Sreedhar’s journey in the tech industry has been marked by collaborations with visionary industry leaders worldwide, from which he has garnered invaluable insights into the anatomy of rapid career growth. He is a firm believer in the potential of individuals to achieve extraordinary success through access to the right information, a specific execution plan, and mentorship. Passionate about democratizing these principles, Sreedhar is committed to making them readily accessible, ensuring equal opportunities for all, regardless of their geographical location or financial background.