Sunny Cheng

Group CFO

Sunny is a senior professional with solid experience in Finance management roles at multinational companies primarily focused on Greater China & Southeast Asia markets. He is currently responsible for the total finance solution in UCP Group. In this role, Sunny leads a team for not only driving the financial result, but also planning and executing for the business and operating strategy.

He doesn’t consider himself as a Finance person, but a catalyst for different functions in the company to deliver the business goal. Before joining UCP, Sunny was working in DHL & Mattel in a Finance leading role. He managed different projects across the region. From setting up a legal entity and business model in China from sketch, to turnaround the business performance for North and Southeast Asia. Over the last 20 years, Sunny has been fortunate to have gained experience across Asia and relocated to Shanghai and Malaysia.

Sunny believes in making the world a better place at the workplace. He initiated and chaired the Social Contribution Board in DHL and implemented different projects.

Currently, Sunny is also the Executive member of CUHK EMBA alumni asocial responsible for the Social Contribution Pillar. He and his committee team initiated a Social contribution program “DROPS” in order to extend the social impact to different corporations via the EMBA network.

He was recently named as one of Hong Kong’s Top 10 CFOs 2023 by ‘CEO Insights Magazine’.