Scaling AI for Business to Accelerate Innovation and Productivity

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Thailand’s national AI strategy and action plan aims to have in place an effective ecosystem for developing and applying AI to promote economic growth, increase the country’s competitiveness and improve the quality of life for its citizens by 2027.
As the government moves to develop a social, ethical and legal framework for AI to guide the other objectives, industry leaders both in public and private, must work together to build a sustainable AI infrastructure, invest in education, and develop core AI technologies to increase its use and innovation.

An IBM Institute for Business Value revealed that 75% of CEOs believe competitive advantage will depend on who has the most advanced generative AI. Sawat Asdaron, managing director of IBM Thailand and managing partner for IBM Consulting, cautions that more than 60% are still not developing a consistent, enterprise-wide approach to generative AI, which is an essential step in a responsible, trustworthy AI system.

Among anticipated benefits that AI promise including enhancing efficiency through automation and using data analysis for informed decisions and creating new products and services.
However, to achieve these benefits, organisations must overcome challenges that scaling AI presents. These include the need for large amounts of data, the complexity of developing and training AI models, and the potential for bias and ethical concerns.

He adds that beyond people and skills, cybersecurity and data conversations, is the necessity to have a flexible operating model. Specific to Thailand, Sawat reveals is the importance of a business ecosystem strategy. “Allowing open innovation, such as cross collaboration between different industries, can lead to joint ventures between banks and telecom operators who can provide consulting and deployment.” He concluded.

This 9 May 2024, CXOCIETY, in partnership with IBM, will hold AI for Business Executive Summit where we deep dive into the latest transformation technology using practical use cases that deliver real-world results.

Be part of this event to kickstart your AI journey in the real world.

Who Should Attend?

  • CIOs, CTOs, IT Directors, VPs of IT, and Heads of IT
  • CDOs and Directors/Heads of Data Management
  • CROs and Directors of Risk Management
  • CHROs
  • COOs


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Time Topic
2:00PM Registration and Networking
2:30PM Welcome Remarks

Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY
2:35PM Opening Remarks
2:40PM Panel Discussion: On the Path to Digitisation with AI

This panel session will explore practical strategies and solutions in implementing  generative AI (GenAI) for industry. It will discuss how industry leaders overcome GenAI integration challenges, ensure user adoption, and achieve measurable impact while prioritizing data security and ethical considerations.

  • Leveraging foundation models and GenAI for operational enhancement
  • Implementing AI in the enterprise: Where to begin
  • Key advancements through GenAI
  • Impact of AI on work dynamics
  • Addressing the risks and concerns of AI

Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY
3:20PM TechTalk 1 : HR Talent Transformation, AI Center of Excellence

Learn how AI optimizes the workforce, boosting productivity, and improving retention
3:35PM TechTalk 2 : Scale AI workloads, for all your data, anywhere
3:50PM Networking Refreshment Break and Experiencing AI in Action
4:20PM TechTalk 3: TechTalk 3: AI for IT Automation (Turbonomic)

Understand how to achieve new levels of efficiency and resiliency by intelligently automating your most essential systems.
4:35PM TechTalk 4: AI for Application Modernization

Explore the transformative power of AI to build and modernize applications that are composable, API-based & event-driven

Kitman Cheung, ASEAN Pre-Sales Engineering Leader, IBM
Arup Laha, CTO, Hybrid Cloud Transformation, IBM Consulting, ASEAN
4:50PM Closing Remarks

Kitman Cheung, ASEAN Pre-Sales Engineering Leader, IBM
5:10PM Experiencing AI in Action and Networking
6:00PM Event Ends


Allan Tan

Group Editor-in-Chief


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CTO, Hybrid Cloud Transformation

IBM Consulting, ASEAN

Kitman Cheung

ASEAN Pre-Sales Engineering Leader