This year’s awards are divided into four distinct groups: Leadership, Management, Operational Excellence and Readers’ Choice. Shortlisted individuals and organisations represent finance professionals with a knack for going beyond what is expected of them and revealing an aptitude for strategic innovation and intuitive thinking.

This year’s awards are divided into four distinct groups: Leadership, Management, Operational Excellence and Readers’ Choice. Shortlisted individuals and organisations represent finance professionals with a knack for going beyond what is expected of them and revealing an aptitude for strategic innovation and intuitive thinking.

CFO of the Year award
The CFO has demonstrable experience and expertise in the areas of managing growth, achieving operational efficiency, providing sound counsel to internal and external stakeholders of the company, is a strategic thinker and has great communications skills. Societal contributions will also be considered.

Controller of the Year award
A great financial controller must have a keen attention to detail and comfortable working with the big picture. The Controller of the Year must have proven experience in financial management and regulatory compliance. He or she is trustworthy, detailed-oriented, a problem solver, an effective communicator, unquestionable skills in accounting, and capable of meaningful financial analysis and reporting.

FP&A Lead of the Year award
The Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) has become a very strategic function within the finance function, more so in times of unpredictable and unrelenting crisis. The FP&A leader is analytical, inquisitive, detail-oriented, self-motivated, good at managing internal stakeholders, strong communicator, and enjoys using Excel and PowerPoint.

Finance Team of the Year award
A high-performance finance team comprising professionals from diverse backgrounds, have high emotional intelligence, have a strategic focus, driven to improve efficiency, holistic view as to how their function fits the broader business model, see themselves as strategic partners with the leadership team, and bring undeniable value to the organization.

Leadership in Competencies and Capabilities
A great leader is skilled in what he or she is tasked with, knows his or her capabilities and limitations. He or she is relentless in finetuning and harnessing his or her capabilities. Acutely aware of personal limitations, you are able to bring the right resources from others to achieve the desired outcomes.

Leadership in Digital Transformation
A success digital leader understands the vision behind the digital transformation and knows how his or her job responsibilities support it. Aware of the digital resources available to the job, you draw upon the necessary resources to maintain a competitive advantage. This digital leader explores how technology can be used to help the business become much more responsive to the needs of customers amid the changing business requirements.

Leadership in Risk and Regulation
Against the backdrop of unpredictable risks and evolving regulation, the leader in this category sees courage as the most critical quality, is willing to challenge others, and make tough choices. As a leader, you will have spearheaded the development and execution of risk management strategies that proactively identify, assess and protect the company from internal and external risks.

Leadership in Sustainable Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
An ESG program is a form of risk management. A wide range of stakeholders — from investors, lenders, and government agencies, to communities, customers, employees, and others — is looking at corporate ESG performance.

Excellence in Audit, Compliance and Governance
The winner has demonstrated effective internal control and independent assurance mechanisms, including Internal Audit; External Audit; Risk Management; Annual Statement of Accounts; Corporate Governance Framework.

Excellence in Financial Planning & Analysis
The winner has demonstrated excellence in the planning and budgeting, integrated financial planning, management and performance reporting, and forecasting and modeling.

Excellence in Shared Services
The winner has developed a successful shared services organisation, including accounts payable, accounts receivables, travel and expense, payroll, and time collection and reporting.

Excellence in Treasury and Cash Management
The winner has demonstrated excellence in modernising their treasury management, whether in the deployment of funds across borders or investment of idle funds. 

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
Planned and deployed well, artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can help finance automate repeated functions, minimize errors associated with repetition, and enable finance professionals to focus on more strategic activities.

Banking Partner
Businesses require a banking partner that offers necessary financial resources, has a proven track record of offering cutting-edge financial products and services and embraces emerging technologies that help improve the operation and productivity of the business.

Best Insurer
Part of the CFO’s role is to manage the risks of the company. Insurance provides financial cover to protect the company against risks, including damage to property, legal costs, disruption to business operations, supply chain breakdown, and from data breaches.

Digital Transformation Partner
Digital transformation is a complex undertaking requiring domain and technology expertise and experience. A digital transformation partner is an agency/consultancy with experience in navigating the digital transformation landscape and ensures the best chances of success for a project.

Finance Automation
Outcomes derived from the use of finance automation tools include time savings, better consistency, error reduction, fraud prevention, and better data insights.

In addition to supporting diversity and inclusion and demonstrating excellence in recruitment methods that are in line with the values and vision of companies, recruitment excellence encompasses excellent skills in shaping the workforce through talent acquisition and hiring processes.

Risk Advisor
Valuable risk management guidance and solutions are one of the main facets of a trusted risk advisor. They identify, analyze and mitigate potential risks, ensuring that the operations of each enterprise remain resilient and successful.

Strategic Analytics
An exceptional strategic analyst has exceptional use of analytics to provide valuable financial intelligence to ensure that business performance is always optimized. They help mitigate risks with a data-driven approach, contributing to financial success and growth of companies.