“IoT in the Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) markets continues to grow steadily across multiple industries including transportation, retail, manufacturing, resources, and utilities driven by the increased capacity and reliability of fibre and cellular network infrastructure,” says Bill Rojas, Adjunct Research Director at IDC Asia/Pacific.

“Enterprises no longer think IoT value is only limited to achieve operational efficacy and improved productivity. They see IoT as an enabler in the evolution of enterprises’ requirements and challenges in an ever-changing business environment. Many organizations are willing to invest in digital technologies such as IoT, AI to fully leverage the new expansive role of data in emerging digital business models,” adds Sharad Kotagi, Market Analyst at IDC Asia/Pacific.

Faced with the uncertainty that is the pandemic, can we use IoT to drive digital transformations to the next level of business competitiveness and innovation?

For decades we have seen IoT make incremental contributions to how we do business. It is time for IoT to redefine the future of business through a seamless integration of IoT and digital twins to improve situational awareness and make better business decisions.

It is time to not be defined by the limitations imposed on us by conditions we cannot control, but rather use advances in technology and process innovation to lead us forward, be more resilient and adaptive to the changes around us.

CXOCIETY is pleased to hold our FutureIoT APAC vSummit on 25 August 2022 from 9am to 12.30pm (GMT+8). This virtual summit will gather over 120 technology thought leaders and industry practitioners from cross-sectors in Asia Pacific to reveal innovations that can be derived through greater integration of IoT into existing operations.

This event aims to address the recent changes and trends in IoT landscape in Asia Pacific. It will also discuss the future and strategies to meet the challenges in leveraging the latest technology in IoT space as well as best practice to accelerate digital transformation and thrive in the IoT era.


  • CIOs and CTOs
  • Heads of Innovation and Technology
  • IT Directors, Heads of IT
  • Technology Operators
  • AI Directors/Heads
  • Cloud Directors
  • Data Scientists
  • IoT Cloud Engineers
  • Industrial and Security Engineers
  • CISOs/IT Security Directors/Heads
  • COOs/Head or Director of Operations
  • Chief Supply Chain Officers (CSCOs)/Directors of Supply Chain Management


The FutureCFO Conference aims to give CFOs, who also act as their company’s strategic business partner and catalyst, insights on ensuring corporate growth and successfully mitigating risks and challenges amidst the current economic and political uncertainties in their countries. The conference will also address strategies and best practices on how CFOs can reimagine finance functions and their organizations to survive and thrive in today’s fast-paced and digitally driven landscape.

This by-invitation only one-day event will gather over 120 senior finance leaders from multiple industries and offers the best opportunity to hear from the industry’s leading professionals, contribute questions from the floor, engage in incisive panel discussions that discuss real-life business cases, updates and strategies to meet the most pertinent challenges facing the finance function in 2020.

High-Level Industry Speakers

We gather 20+ industry speakers and experts from leading organizations for keynote presentations and incisive discussions so you can tap on their invaluable insights and best practices important to your finance function management and transformation.

Interactive Discussions

Be part of our interactive panel discussions that address the current hot topics, share ideas and experiences and get the answers to your pressing questions from prominent finance leaders on stage.

Networking Opportunities

Meet new business partners, engage and forge new connections with fellow finance and treasury leaders in the region, solution providers and many more at our event through luncheons, coffee breaks, one-to-one meetings and informal introductions.

Targeted In-Depth Sessions

8 hours of learning and networking opportunities packed into 10 in depth sessions. Listen to corporate-driven best practices and case studies sharing that are targeted to your profession through the personalized country-specific conferences we crafted for you - FutureCFO Conferences.



Chairman’s Welcome Remarks

Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY


PANEL DISCUSSION I: Shaping the Digital Future with the Next-Generation of IoT

IDC predicts that the IoT market in Asia Pacific will grow by 9.1% in 2022 and expects Asia/Pacific spending on IoT to reach US$436 billion in 2026, despite the current semiconductor shortages, supply chain disruptions caused by geopolitical tensions and rising inflation. The rising demand for remote operations, better network coverage, and the deployment of commercial 5G and testbeds are driving IoT adoption in the region. This session will address the current IoT trends and what lies ahead for IoT in the coming years.

  • The future of IoT technology in the era of plug-and-play
  • Accelerating the new wave of IoT applications with 5G and IoT as-a-Service
  • Robots in the workplace: Integrating AI in augmented and virtual reality
  • Industry 5.0: Getting ready for the next phase of IoT evolution
  • Leveraging IoT opportunities in the Metaverse
  • State of IoT standards and protocols in APAC: Where are they now?


Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY

Dr. Lucas Hui Chi Kwong, Chief Technology Officer, ASTRI
Nestor Bayoneto, Director, Management Information Systems Service (MISS), DEPARTMENT OF AGRARIAN REFORM (DAR)
Lito Villanueva, EVP and Chief Innovation & Inclusion Officer, RIZAL COMMERCIAL BANKING CORPORATION (RCBC)


KEYNOTE I: From Cloud to the Edge: Moving Beyond IoT 1.0
  • Optimising overall business processes and results with edge technology
  • Cloud’s role in edge computing
  • Utilising real time edge analytics and AI-driven edge computing to improve operations and customer experience
  • Empowering data-driven decision making at the edge
  • Edge protection


FIRESIDE CHAT: Getting the Most ROI from IoT Investments
  • Bringing life to things: Enabling ‘self-aware’ devices and systems with IoT
  • Developing IoT framework to create new business models, optimize value-chains and ensure seamless customer experience 
  • Leveraging IoT to drive business goals 
  • Key considerations in pursuing IoT initiatives
  • Funding and calculating ROI for IoT projects


Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY


PANEL DISCUSSION II: Sifting through the IoT Data Sands: Data Analytics at Work
  • Turning real-time IoT data into business value and opportunities
  • Building IoT analytics infrastructure to support IoT data growth
  • Delivering analytics across data pipelines for better decision making
  • The importance of standardizing data semantics
  • Leveraging AI and cloud for IoT data management

Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY

Vidal Fernandez, Digital Transformation Lead, Director of Big Data & AI, CLP HOLDINGS
Lau Tian Chen (TC), VP, Head of Asia Pacific Innovation Center , DHL
Juan Kanggrawan, Head of Data & Digital Products Analytics, JAKARTA SMART CITY


KEYNOTE II: Making Your IoT Deployments Event-Driven

To unlock the value of data, enterprises need to set their data in motion. Data in motion or event streams enable real time applications, microservices, and serverless innovations. Moreover, data and event streams need to flow from on-prem to multiple clouds and back and also to edge of locations for IoT use cases.

Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) is gaining popularity in IoT deployments. EDA enhances agility and resilience in IoT devices. On top of this, as the demand for faster development cycles increases, it is important to ensure the scalability of IoT applications as well.

  • Adopting EDA for IoT projects
  • Hybrid cloud as the future of EDA
  • EDA feasibility with thousands (or even millions) of endpoints across locations
  • Platforms to integrate IoT
  • Enabling EDA for real-time use cases


KEYNOTE III: Transforming the Future with IoT and Digital Twin technology: A Case Study

Gartner predicts that digital twins are slowly entering mainstream use. By 2022, over two-thirds of companies that have implemented IoT will have deployed at least one digital twin in production. This session will showcase a couple of examples of how we can leverage IoT and digital twin and how the same concepts can be applied to other industries like Construction, Aviation and Maritime sectors.

  • Types of digital twins
  • The future of IoT and digital twin for better situation ground awareness and as the driver of smarter decision augmentation
  • IoT and digital twin to help operations and customer experience: Use cases at airports and ferry/cruise terminals

Lee Siew Kit, Vice President (Technology & IT), SINGAPORE CRUISE CENTRE


PANEL DISCUSSION III: Securing IoT in 2022-2023

In an IoT ecosystem, businesses interconnect multiple devices to the internet to process and transmit data. With the speed of change that is expected in IoT developments and increased IoT adoption this year, how will this impact on IoT safety and security?

  • Top IoT threats in 2022
  • Understanding IoT security regulations and standards in 2022-2023
  • Defending enterprise data from connected devices in the rise of ransomware
  • Boosting IoT security in the coming years: Ensuring data security, governance and privacy in the IoT supply chain and end points
  • Deploying automation to secure the world of things


Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY

Leonard Ong, Senior Director | Regional Information Security Officer, APAC, GE HEALTHCARE
Maz Mirza, Head of Information Technology, MASS RAPID TRANSIT
Mel Migriño, Vice President and Group CISO, MERALCO


KEYNOTE IV: A Wellington’s Experience: Use Cases of Civic Engagement with Digital Twins and IoT Technologies

In an IoT ecosystem, businesses interconnect multiple devices to the internet to process and transmit data. With the speed of change that is expected in IoT developments and increased IoT adoption this year, how will this impact on IoT safety and security?

  • Encouraging civic engagement and citizens’ inputs to help the council make informed decisions in tackling modern-day problems
  • Creating digital twin of the city 
  • Deploying sensors, 3D and IoT in digital twins to provide evidence-based data to improve city planning and management 
  • The potentials for digital twin cities in aiding the vision of future infrastructure

Julia Hamilton, Team Leader Digital Innovation | Smart Council, WELLINGTON CITY COUNCIL


KEYNOTE V: Human and Machine: Exploring the Future of Industrial Revolution with Industry 5.0
  • Getting ready for Industry 5.0
  • Transforming process manufacturing with Industry 5.0
  • Delivering human-centric work culture with Industry 5.0
  • Boosting customer experience and hyper-customization with IoT and AI
  • Best practice in enabling Industry 5.0


End of Event


Allan Tan

Group Editor-in-Chief


Dr. Lucas Hui Chi Kwong

Chief Technology Officer


Juan Kanggrawan

Head of Data & Digital Products Analytics


Julia Hamilton

Team Leader Digital Innovation | Smart Council


Lau Tian Chen (TC)

VP, Head of Asia Pacific Innovation Center


Lee Siew Kit

Vice President (Technology & IT)

Leonard Ong

Director, Policy, Risk Management & Capability Development (Cyber Defense Group)


Lito Villanueva

Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation & Inclusion Officer


Maz Mirza bin Mohd Aminurashid

Head of IT


Mel Migriño

Vice President and Group CISO


Default Image

Director, Management Information Systems Service (MISS)


Vidal Fernandez

Digital Transformation Lead, Director of Big Data & AI


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