The fifth wave of local epidemic which resulted in restrictive measures, slower growth in global demand, pandemic-induced trans-border disruptions, higher interest rates and soaring commodity prices due to Ukraine-Russia war have caused Hong Kong’s economy to witness a deteriorating performance in the first quarter of 2022.

However, with the recent improving local epidemic situation, progressive cross-border transportation situations between the Mainland and Hong Kong, eased social restriction measures as well as a new administration that officially took office beginning July this year, the city should be on track to see some economic revival for the rest of this year.

Also, as outlined in 2022-2023 Budget, the Hong Kong government acknowledged that innovation and technology (I&T) as a new economic growth spot and contribute to the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. To fast-track digital agenda of businesses, the “14th Five-Year Plan” of China’s Digital Economy which encourages innovation across all sectors stipulated the need for enterprises in Hong Kong to be digital-ready and cybersecurity-resilient to remain competitive.

With Hong Kong’s transition from pandemic to endemic and the heightened push to fast-track digital agenda to thrive in this new post-COVID economy, what will be the day-to-day portfolio of forward-looking CFOs and finance leaders in Hong Kong in 2023? 

To succeed in the digital economy, how should finance leaders in Hong Kong modernise the use of maturing technologies like ERP and integrate these with emerging techs? What are the strategies to meet the challenges in balancing business priorities and goals amidst the continuing constraints and constantly evolving technology-led innovation to get ready to the post-pandemic normal?

CXOCIETY is pleased to hold our 2nd Annual FutureCFO Hong Kong vSummit. Taking place on 13 October 2022 from 9 am to 12.30 pm HKT, this virtual summit will gather over 120 senior finance professionals from multiple industries in Hong Kong. 

This event will address the latest macroeconomic updates, business risks and opportunities, CFO’s top action plans to drive change and recover growth in Hong Kong. It will also discuss ways to succeed in this new “stable instability” with the available resources, explore digital strategy and develop best-in-class strategy to transform organisations to be competitive in the new, uncertain, and evolving business landscape



CFOs, MDs, VPs, Directors, Heads, GMs, and Senior Managers, involved in:

  • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)
  • Strategic Planning & Forecasting
  • Costing & Budgeting
  • Treasury Operations
  • Project Financing
  • Accounting and Reporting
  • Merger & Acquisition (M&A)
  • Investment / Portfolio Management 
  • Auditing & Internal Control
  • Tax Governance
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)
  • Statutory & Regulatory Reporting
  • Fiscal Policy Planning
  • Financial Technology Solutions


The FutureCFO Conference aims to give CFOs, who also act as their company’s strategic business partner and catalyst, insights on ensuring corporate growth and successfully mitigating risks and challenges amidst the current economic and political uncertainties in their countries. The conference will also address strategies and best practices on how CFOs can reimagine finance functions and their organizations to survive and thrive in today’s fast-paced and digitally driven landscape.

This by-invitation only one-day event will gather over 120 senior finance leaders from multiple industries and offers the best opportunity to hear from the industry’s leading professionals, contribute questions from the floor, engage in incisive panel discussions that discuss real-life business cases, updates and strategies to meet the most pertinent challenges facing the finance function in 2020.

High-Level Industry Speakers

We gather 20+ industry speakers and experts from leading organizations for keynote presentations and incisive discussions so you can tap on their invaluable insights and best practices important to your finance function management and transformation.

Interactive Discussions

Be part of our interactive panel discussions that address the current hot topics, share ideas and experiences and get the answers to your pressing questions from prominent finance leaders on stage.

Networking Opportunities

Meet new business partners, engage and forge new connections with fellow finance and treasury leaders in the region, solution providers and many more at our event through luncheons, coffee breaks, one-to-one meetings and informal introductions.

Targeted In-Depth Sessions

8 hours of learning and networking opportunities packed into 10 in depth sessions. Listen to corporate-driven best practices and case studies sharing that are targeted to your profession through the personalized country-specific conferences we crafted for you - FutureCFO Conferences.



Chairman’s Welcome Remarks

Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY


EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW I: The Road Ahead: CFO’s New Mandate and Priorities for the Post-Pandemic Normal

With the upheaval caused by prolonged pandemic and current macroeconomic developments in the city, CFOs and finance leaders in Hong Kong are required to deal with changes swiftly, evaluate and modify their finance strategies particularly in the areas where digital and finance intersect to match the shifting economic conditions.

  • Finance outlook: Making sense of the challenges and opportunities in Hong Kong in 2023 
  • CFO’s new role in leading recovery in the new and uncertain marketplace
  • Balancing business priorities and goals for 2023 and beyond
  • Repositioning business, opportunities, ESG and digital agendas to meet the new economic demands and ensure resilience
  • Initiatives to drive performance, build profitable growth and surpass competitions in 2023


Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY

Devraj Doss, Vice President (Region CFO) – Finance & Planning, PHILIP MORRIS INTERNATIONAL


KEYNOTE I: Leading the Enterprise Digital Growth with Finance

Finance is at the centre of enterprise-wide digital growth. Every digital business model transformation is a ‘stool’ that stands on three legs: Sales, finance, and supply chain transformation. However, only fixing individual elements will not generate a truly amazing experience.

  • Creating boundless new value and becoming a more strategic finance function with automation
  • Making the right real-time business decisions during disruptive times
  • Creating successful digital strategy for the entire enterprise with cloud


EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW II: CFO Playbook for Profitability and Digital Acceleration in Hong Kong, China and Asia

As the Hong Kong economy starts to pick up in the latter half of 2022, inflation will make a return to the CFO’s focus. However, with weakening global growth forecasts, persistent supply chain pressures, pandemic-related lockdowns in China, continued talent shortages (particularly in Hong Kong’s high-value industries), CFOs recognise that current strategies of passing along inflation through pricing may not continue to work. Driving digital acceleration while enhancing near-term profitability is no easy task. In this session, we look to cover:

  • How to drive digital acceleration while enhancing near-term profitability?
  • Identifying common mistakes to avoid when managing profitability in today’s environment
  • Developing proven frameworks to help finance segment costs to differentiate performance


Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY

Gary Zhang, Executive Director, Head of Global Finance and Accounting, LI & FUNG


PANEL DISCUSSION I: Flexible Forecasting, Planning and Budgeting (FP &B) amidst Persistent Disruptions

A Gartner CFO Survey shows that finance leaders will focus on improving the flexibility of budgeting and forecasting in 2022 (72%), reallocate capital based on changing demands (60%) and redefine the employee value proposition in a hybrid environment (58%) Aligning FP & B strategies with business objectives in 2023

  • Integrating flexibility into budgeting and forecasting to foster collaboration, innovation and align to changing priorities
  • Meeting the challenges in today’s planning and forecasting
  • Roadmap to flexible planning and rolling forecast


Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY

Edwin Ang, Country Finance Director, FOODPANDA HONG KONG
Cyrus Wong, Finance Director, PIZZAEXPRESS (HONG KONG) LIMITED


KEYNOTE II: Maturing into a Transformational Finance Function in the Age of xP&A

FP&A is a cornerstone of financial management. Traditional FP&A processes provide a structured approach to budgeting, planning, forecasting and reporting for finance team’s analysis. However, other functions in the business are making plans and taking actions that can also affect an enterprise’s financial posture and future direction. As a result, less optimum operations occurred as organisations often react to changes rather than riding the opportunities.

  • Creating an agile, reliable and relevant FP&A for better visibility and decision making
  • Harnessing extended Planning & Analysis (xP&A) for the new-age FP&A
  • Integrating data, people, processes and business plans within a single platform
  • Improving the accuracy of forecasts and planning activities through FP&A, business and operational teams collaboration

Senior representative, BLACKLINE


PANEL DISCUSSION II: Future-Ready Finance Leadership in 2023

With the continued uncertainty and increased hybrid work model within Finance & Accounting (F&A), how should CFOs and finance leaders in Indonesia reset their leadership model and strategy to support business recovery and navigate the rapidly changing business landscape? What are the strategies to build a digital-savvy finance team in the rise of digital economy?

  • Infusing digitalisation, collaboration and open communication for greater growth, productivity and profitability 
  • Embedding insightful business intelligence for informed decision-making
  • Scaling up digital payments for financial improvements across the board
  • Creating a digital-first mindset and building multi-skilled F&A teams to keep up with the new business expectations
  • Funding digital growth with a flexible budget
  • Managing the speed of digital transformation vs. regulations and compliance in Indonesia


Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY

Wilkie Wong, Chief Financial Officer, ESQUEL GROUP
Keith Chan, Chief Financial and Technology Officer, MCDONALD’S HONG KONG [Winner of Most Innovative Use of Big Data Award, FUTURECFO Excellence Awards 2022]
Daniel Viertel, Business Director, New Entry Market, CCH Tagetik APAC, WOLTERS KLUWER


FIRESIDE CHAT: CFOs as the Stewards of Corporate Sustainability

CFOs are uniquely positioned to lead the sustainability strategy as finance function holds a key role in aligning sustainability issues with the company’s profitability goals, establishing clear visibility across environmental data and distilling corporate sustainability strategy into actionable insights to cross-divisional stakeholders.

  • Redefining the new business performance in today’s interconnected and circular economy models
  • The critical role CFOs play in sustainability issues
  • Overcoming the challenges in ESG reporting 
  • Incorporating ESG into organisation’s planning processes


Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY


KEYNOTE III: Revolutionising Finance Operations and Future of Work with Automation

Gartner predicts that 90% of large organisations globally will adopt Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in some form by 2022 and will triple the capacity of their existing RPA portfolios through 2024.

  • Fast-tracking finance digital transformation with automation
  • Combining AI and RPA for higher operational efficiencies
  • Building the right skills to fully utilize RPA capabilities
  • The future use cases of RPA for finance


PANEL DISCUSSION III: Managing the Finance Talent War in 2023

As organisations remain hopeful for a better economy and return to some normalcy this year, a new crisis emerges. Workforce shortages, skilled talent turnover, tech-savvy workforce scarcity, hybrid model workplace, and displaced workforce due to the pandemic – all conspiring to frustrate CFOs and finance leaders’ strategies to improve overall company performance.

  • Emerging workforce trends, changing the nature of work, evolving business requirements and other challenges for finance function in 2023
  • Recruiting and retaining in the era of mutual prosperity
  • Implementing agile workforce strategy to overcome talent shortage and skilling roadblock
  • Maximising your talent dollars: Manpower and outsourcing trends in Hong Kong post-pandemic

Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY

Rex Gu, CFO Asia Pacific Operations, A.P. MOLLER – MAERSK
Michael Bickel, Group CFO, JARDINE SCHINDLER
Jason Li, APAC Finance Director, TARGUS ASIA PACIFIC




Allan Tan

Group Editor-in-Chief

Cyrus Wong

Finance Director


Daniel Viertel

Business Director, New Entry Market, CCH TAGETIK APAC


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Devraj Doss

Vice President (Region CFO) – Finance & Planning


Edwin Ang

Country Finance Director


Gary Zhang

Executive Director, Head of Global Finance and Accounting


Jason Li

APAC Finance Director


Keith Chan

Chief Financial and Technology Officer


Default Image

Group CFO


Rex Gu

CFO Asia Pacific Operations


Stephen Lo



Wilkie Wong

Chief Financial Officer


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