IDC predicts that by 2027, organisations with highly developed industry value chains on an ecosystem control plane will innovate 25% faster than other businesses. Separately, Gartner research shows that four out of five CEOs are increasing digital technology investments to counter current economic pressures, including inflation, scarce talent, and supply constraints.

However, while information technology leaders have proven adept at identifying what technologies will be most suitable for the organisation, Gartner CEO and CIO surveys reveals few of these investments are delivering the digital dividends that senior leadership expects.

The triple squeeze of economic pressure (and persistent high inflation), scarce and expensive talent and ongoing supply challenges is heightening the desire and urgency to realise time to value.

In 2024, how should CIOs in Hong Kong plan, execute and manage transformation initiatives?

Taking place on  29 November 2023 from 9 am to 5.00pm (HKT), at the FutureCIO Hong Kong Conference, leading IT practitioners from multiple industries in Hong Kong will converge to reveal, discuss and share observations and strategies for the year ahead, including:

  • The future of cloud
  • The future of work
  • The future of IT

This event also aims to address CIOs’ pressing concerns and business priorities in 2024, best-in-class IT leadership and management strategies as well as emerging technological and innovation trends to be agile, transformative and resilient amidst the rapidly evolving business landscapes.


CIOs, CTOs, Directors, Heads, MDs, SVPs, VPs, Leads, involved in:

  • Information Technology
  • IT Operations
  • Enterprise Architecture and Strategy
  • ITSM
  • IT Infrastructure
  • IT Application
  • Big Data/Analytics
  • Cloud Management
  • IT Security and Technology Risk 
  • Privacy/Data Protection


The FutureCFO Conference aims to give CFOs, who also act as their company’s strategic business partner and catalyst, insights on ensuring corporate growth and successfully mitigating risks and challenges amidst the current economic and political uncertainties in their countries. The conference will also address strategies and best practices on how CFOs can reimagine finance functions and their organizations to survive and thrive in today’s fast-paced and digitally driven landscape.

This by-invitation only one-day event will gather over 120 senior finance leaders from multiple industries and offers the best opportunity to hear from the industry’s leading professionals, contribute questions from the floor, engage in incisive panel discussions that discuss real-life business cases, updates and strategies to meet the most pertinent challenges facing the finance function in 2020.

High-Level Industry Speakers

We gather 20+ industry speakers and experts from leading organizations for keynote presentations and incisive discussions so you can tap on their invaluable insights and best practices important to your finance function management and transformation.

Interactive Discussions

Be part of our interactive panel discussions that address the current hot topics, share ideas and experiences and get the answers to your pressing questions from prominent finance leaders on stage.

Networking Opportunities

Meet new business partners, engage and forge new connections with fellow finance and treasury leaders in the region, solution providers and many more at our event through luncheons, coffee breaks, one-to-one meetings and informal introductions.

Targeted In-Depth Sessions

8 hours of learning and networking opportunities packed into 10 in depth sessions. Listen to corporate-driven best practices and case studies sharing that are targeted to your profession through the personalized country-specific conferences we crafted for you - FutureCFO Conferences.



Welcome Remarks

Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY


PANEL DISCUSSION I: Building Business Resilience through Technology

The recent developments on economic and geo-political landscapes have transformed the objectives of digital investments.  Therefore, it is imperative for CIOs to understand the types of financial and business impacts and time frame that other key business leaders from the organisation expect from IT to deliver. This session will investigate the evolution of CIO’s role, leadership, organisational and technology priorities that IT leaders need to lead today and tomorrow.

  • How IT should be run in the future in the face of volatile markets and unstable geo-politics situation
  • Supporting business growth target through business and digital transformation
  • Improving quality of IT projects execution and lead time to deliver core IT services
  • Fostering strong relationships with key partners across the business
  • Measuring and communicating the value of IT investments to the business


Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY

Xingyu Chen, Head of IT & Business Information Security Leader, P&G


KEYNOTE I: Navigating Cloud Spending with FinOps at the Helm

Charting a winning course to the cloud can be a challenge – especially when a third of cloud spend is wasted. Sailing teammates work together to pull every advantage from race day winds. In the same way, organisations need to derive maximum utility from their available cloud budget to avoid unexpected bills.

  • Successfully navigating economic headwinds with FinOps
  • Uncovering uncontrolled cloud costs using a unified, real-time view of spend across all clouds
  • Maximising discounts with AI-powered recommendations


FIRESIDE CHAT I: Making the Most of Sustainable Technology

A 2022’s IDC survey found that 83% of respondents agree sustainability is the most important criteria in IT buying decisions. As technology continues to take a larger role in corporate sustainability practices, purpose-driven CIOs need to create and implement a comprehensive sustainable technology strategy.

  • Driving an environmentally sustainable tech agenda 2024
  • Opportunities for sustainable technology in Hong Kong
  • Sustainable future in the cloud
  • Creating framework of sustainable technology deployments
  • Scaling digitalisation technology initiatives with ESG goals
  • Investing on technology that will drive enterprise’s sustainability, improve financial results, optimize IT resources and customer operations

Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY


Morning Coffee Break & Networking


KEYNOTE II: The Next-Generation of Cloud: Mapping Cloud Strategy for 2024

Cloud is the powerhouse that drives today’s digital organisations”, said Sid Nag, Research Vice President at Gartner. With enterprises’ cloud journeys maturing and enterprise multi-cloud footprints continuing to grow in scale and complexity, enterprises are struggling with simplifying their cloud operations and managing/controlling their cloud costs amidst the escalating IT costs.

  • What is coming for cloud computing in 2024?
  • Prioritising cloud initiatives in 2024
  • Achieving the greatest value in the most reasonable lead time with cloud democratization and analytics
  • The future of sovereign and industry clouds in 2024
  • Combining container orchestration and AI/ML in the cloud
  • Cloud (SaaS and XaaS) cost optimization


PANEL DISCUSSION II: Fast-Tracking Application Modernisation and Embracing Agility in Digital Enterprise

Dealing with legacy systems and technology today and in the coming years is complicated and finding the necessary expertise to deal with legacy technology can be challenging. Enterprises with a lot of legacy technology find that legacy systems are a major inhibitor to stay agile and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. This session will discuss insights into modernisation drivers, challenges, and best practices.

  • The state of legacy systems in 2024
  • Application modernisation in the context of digital acceleration
  • Accelerating application modernisation with platform engineering
  • Roadblocks facing enterprises in Hong Kong working to modernise legacy systems into their digital infrastructure
  • Roadmap for application modernisation for digital enterprise

Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY

Dave Chen, Vice President (Cutting-edge Technologies), HONG KONG COMPUTER SOCIETY


KEYNOTE III: Staying Productive and Secure with Digital Immune System

A Gartner report reveals that by 2025, organisations that invest in building digital immunity will increase customer satisfaction by decreasing downtime by 80%.

Enterprise IT leaders struggle with their data protection strategies due to inefficiencies from slow legacy backups, rapid adoption of cloud-native, SaaS and Kubernetes, unreliable recoveries and complex management across their datacentres. In the age or repeat cyber-attacks, ensuring data protection, back-up and instant recovery for IT resiliency is key.

  • Optimising business resiliency with digital immune system
  • Controlling and managing data anywhere in the hybrid cloud
  • Creating a centralised visibility, data and back-up management for instant recovery
  • Leveraging the cloud for data protection and security
  • Automating workload backup and discovery on-premises, edge and in the cloud


Networking Lunch


KEYNOTE IV: The New Age of Incidents Recovery Plans amid the Shifting Threats

There is one thing in common between cyber security resources and breaches: Both cost money. However, recovering from the latter can be extremely stressful, challenging and costly for businesses. Lack of preparation in a response plan, if incidents were to occur, leaves organisation at risk of being unable to handle an attack effectively and even being vulnerable to further attacks.

  • Key factors that determine the cost of security breaches
  • Measures to response to an incident
  • Designing effective threat management and incident response strategies
  • Implementing successful incident response plans, policies and recovery plans
  • Scaling up response plan to remain resilient and recover quickly after an attack

Senior representative, SYNOLOGY


FIRESIDE CHAT II: AI for Business in 2024: Strategies, Areas of Interests and Concerns

IDC predicts that by 2026, 75% of large Asia Pacific enterprises will reply on AI-infused processes to enhance asset efficiency, streamline supply chains and improve product quality across diverse and distributed environments. Also, Lavanya Jindal, Market Analyst, Customer Experience and Enterprise Applications at IDC Asia Pacific notes that Gen AI holds immense potential for Customer Experience (CX). Experimenting with this technology will also help determine which use cases – customer facing or employee facing constitute the greatest value for a specific business model.

This session discusses how AI will reshape businesses in 2024 and how best business leaders should leverage AI for the future of work or operations, digital innovations and customer experience.

  • How will AI change the face of business in 2024?
  • Rethinking customer engagement and experience with AI: Applications of Gen AI
  • Should you build or buy AI?
  • Scaling AI’s use in the enterprise
  • Meeting the challenges in AI adoption

Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY

Richard Lord, Managing Director, Chief Information Officer, Wholesale – Asia Pacific, HSBC BANK
Prof. Andy Chun, Regional Director, Technology Innovation, PRUDENTIAL


PANEL DISCUSSION III: Data Privacy and AI Governance: Challenges and Solutions
  • Transforming real-time data governance with AI
  • How AI governance and data privacy go hand in hand
  • How to better align data, AI, governance and business goals
  • Challenges in achieving data and AI governance
  • Creating framework to preserve privacy without losing data’s usefulness in AI applications

Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY

Dr. Andy Luk, Head of Digital Transformation and Insights, HK EXPRESS
Keith Ip, CTO, LI & FUNG


Afternoon Coffee Break & Networking


FIRESIDE CHAT III: CIO’s Playbook in Creating Composable Business Models for IT

Business composability is the antidote of volatility”, said Monika Sinha, Research Vice President at Gartner. A Gartner’s CIO report reveals that enterprises need to embrace business composability to thrive through disruptions, pursue new value streams through technology and stay ahead of competitions.

  • The future of tech in the next normal in Hong Kong – hybrid environments, inflation, supply chain constraints and talent crunch
  • Designing resilient and flexible digital systems and infrastructure for uncertain times
  • Elements of composable business structure and technology for IT
  • Strategic planning and budgeting for high-composability enterprises

Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY


KEYNOTE V: Protecting People and Data with AI, ML and Analytics

Managing cyber security is indeed a one never-ending race. With threats constantly evolving and attackers always find new ways to adopt new strategies to expand their attack surfaces, enterprises need to take a more proactive, forward-looking stance in reinventing information security to protect their two biggest assets: Their people and data.

  • People as the best cyber defence
  • Adopting people-centric information security to keep business secure, in compliance and thrive
  • Balancing risk management and data protection without hindering innovation
  • Delivering protection, compliance and insights with AI, ML and analytics


PANEL DISCUSSION IV: Optimising Work Everywhere: The Future of Work in the Era of Flexibility

Workplaces in 2024 will be more diverse, flexible and distributed than ever before. As enterprises in Asia adapt to the new way of working, to cater the shifting employees’ expectations, IT leaders in Hong Kong need to find ways to ensure productivity across organization while keeping employees happy and engaged in the hybrid working world.

  • CIO’s changing role in managing the next generation of work
  • Workforce and operations issues in the future enterprise
  • The rise of metaverse and how it affects the future of work
  • Fundamentals in making hybrid-first strategy work
  • Maximising employee engagement with automation and digital intelligence
  • Empowering workforce to work seamlessly with digital labours

Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY

Kent Lam, Head of Technology, DECATHLON HONG KONG
Bianca Ho, Director of Information Technology, SWIRE HOTELS


Chairman’s Closing Remarks


End of Conference


Allan Tan

Group Editor-in-Chief


Ash Shah

Head of IT, Asia


Bianca Ho

Director of Information Technology


Dave Chen

Vice President (Cutting-edge Technologies)

Dr. Andy Luk

Head of Digital Transformation and Insights


Default Image



Default Image

Head of Technology


Prof. Andy Chun

Regional Director, Technology Innovation


Richard Lord

Managing Director, Chief Information Officer, Wholesale – Asia Pacific


Default Image

Head of IT & Business Information Security Leader


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